Artist Statement (short version)


The images that I collect are often as much about myself as they are about the subjects being photographed. A broad exploration of real and imagined journeys, which often entail not only a physical displacement but also a psychological and emotional passage. 

The act of seeking out characters of interest has become a therapeutic process by means of escapism, yet it is also an addiction whereby I can express who I am and delve into my current state of mind. A deeper representation of my relationship to this vast world we live in. 

I am both an actor and choreographer in my photographic diaries and similarly to the subjects I work with, I live on the fringes of society between dreams and memories. For me, the search for my subjects makes me realize they are my reflections and my companions, each one a Dante within a personal inferno. They are the renegades, outsiders and survivors. In the end, their trials represent all of us and define these moments of solitude that we all experience in our lives. 

- Victor Cobo