Artist Statement

For me photography is an act of self-liberation. A free confession, an attempt to clarify to myself my own relation to life. Ultimately, I hope that these treatments of fear, desperation, and death exert a powerful visual and psychological effect on viewers.

Dreams, love and the desire to battle loneliness and isolation from society are also part of the journey. I want to capture the horror, emotional tension and hidden beauty that can be found in these individual exiles. Lost souls who crave ever lasting love. When someone’s life is void of this, memories are held onto the dearest. My photographs pay homage to these important moments. Longing is held for safe keeping, in which there are visual contrasts between the real and the surreal. It is often this world that borders on fiction that keeps us searching for happiness throughout the rest of our lives.

In many ways the private universe that reveals itself in my work is my own mechanism of escape. Photography has become my therapy. I am intrigued by life's abstractions. Transfixed, it is a gift and an ambiguous burden of vast weight. It is what I have; what has me.

- Victor Cobo